This Mother’s Day

me mom chad

She carried you if not in her body, then in her heart.  She sat with you when you cried over a skinned knee.  She watched you as you transformed the incomprehensible squiggles on a page into writing, and opened a door to magic when you learned to read.  She warmed your bottom when you were bad, or washed your mouth out with soap or that tasty cod liver oil for lying or bad words.  She held her breath as you learned to ride a bike, and felt every bump and scrape and tear as if it were her own. She went without sleep some nights because you were coughing, or had a fever and she had to know you would sleep well.

She ran errands, went to work, ran more errands, and was the family taxi when you were older (she slept even less then).  She waited to hear the bits you would remember to share in your ever increasingly busy social life.  She couldn’t wait to hear about plans, social or otherwise, even if it wasn’t the first time for them. She watched you become more independent, and she still carried you daily in her heart.

She watched as you began looking for the “One”, or fretted wondering if you would.  She created a place of warm and welcome for your family and friends, and there was always a shoulder for you all if it was needed.  She saw you blossom when the One showed up and you two began a life together.

Today is Mother’s Day, for all she is, all she’s done, all she will do.  Remember to thank your Mom, Mother, Mum (this in including every woman who filled this role for you Grandma or Aunt or friend).  Remember you don’t know everything she kept to herself for years, her worries for you, her fears for you.  Make sure she knows how loved she is today and every single day, because there will be a day where it can be said and you can only remember her words, and her memory.  Today, hold her tight if you can, if your Mom has passed, may you be blessed in your memories of her today.  ❤

Thank you Momma I love you

J Me & Mom