Love isn’t finite

Love isn’t finite, it is infinite and grows as it’s shared. It’s not about others “earning our love” it about loving people in a way that encourages growth and passion. Love doesn’t say, “If you do x, y, z then I’ll love you”, those are words of control not love.

To love truly, and see it take flight. you have to let go. Let go of judgment. Let go of limitation.

Loving people AS they are it’s not easy, because people are rarely as we want them to be, the beauty of just letting love surround you and those around you is you begin to see them. Really, see them and not want to change them, if you changed them they wouldn’t be the person you loved, they would be a creation and people are more than that or should be.

People don’t have to live up to expectations to be worthy of love, they simply have to be. We are fallible creatures, no one is perfect nor can they be, if they were they wouldn’t be human. We have to see each other, as worthy of love no matter what failings you can see, it doesn’t change the fact that giving love to someone is one of the greatest blessings you have to offer. If you truly love those around you, you can let them be who they are AS they are without trying to change a thing about them. It doesn’t mean you’ll never be angry, saddened or disappointed. It does mean that you will love them anyway!

Friendships end, people move on and out of our lives. If you loved the person, you can continue to love them. It doesn’t mean you will let people hurt you. It means that you give them the gift of loving them as the imperfect being they are and can let them go gently and lovingly.

There are always people who see us as weaker because we will love regardless. Love isn’t weakness, it’s pure strength. It means that those around me are accepted in whole. It means that I don’t pick and choose who is worthy and who isn’t. My life isn’t about control, but building and creating. Love is something that grows, changes and becomes something amazing, when it’s shared freely it can move mountains.

Share your love, share your light let others be who they are as they are.