A little belief goes a long way

Do you believe in you?  Do you feel that light in your gut that says you’re moving in the right direction?  When you’re speaking do you feel the light move from your into your words and then out into the world creating a beautiful ripple?  If you said no, then I want to ask you why not?  There isn’t anyone in the world like you.  No one else has your exact view on things, no one has had your exact experiences so cannot share your knowledge with the world.  You are a precious gift to the world even if you don’t see it yet.  You are here at this time, in this space for a reason.

Only you have your life to draw on to share with others and help someone else through a challenge you’ve faced and conquered.  Everyone here needs a little help with something, everyone needs a hand from time to time finding that light and a way to share it with others.  Sometimes all it takes is a word from you and someone else can rekindle the light within them.  Look at that!  You’ve got an amazing gift and power to inspire, and brighten lives including your own, with nothing more than your voice!

Personally, I always waited for validation as if anyone else could validate me and my worth!  I gave my power away to others, and waited for someone to tell me they believed in me, that I was worth it, and that I had a place.  Why?  Some traumas stay with us for years, some words and actions we carry with us in our psyche long after a physical hurt would heal.  I made myself invisible even to me for a long time.  I worked hard to heal, and make myself whole again.  I finally realized that no one can validate me EXCEPT me!  Whoa what a shift that was, I realized that my worth isn’t based on what is in someones eyes but what is in my own.

Don’t mistake me, knowing that my family and friends believe in me that is AWESOME, that is such a gift and freely given so I am blessed.  Knowing that when my wife looks at me (though I constantly remind her she has love in her eyes so her vision is different than others may be), she see me exactly as I am good, bad, flaws and all and to her, I’m exactly who and where I am suppose to be.  Knowing that she believes in me, what a gift that was and is.  Knowing I do not have to put on any masks or hid anything about my future, present or past and I am supported makes me blessed beyond measure!

I know I started talking about myself, and honestly I want this to be about you.  I want you to believe in the Light that is YOU.  I want you to find that light, and share it out to the world and beyond.  We are in such need of you exactly as you are, exactly who you are.  We will never be perfect, so don’t wait until you hit that “perfect” template you may have been holding up in your mind.  Share your knowledge, love and light right now, today!  There is someone out there who is waiting to hear exactly what you have to say.

Love and light will carry you forward, if you don’t believe in you right now, I DO.  Give yourself the gift of telling yourself that you DO believe in yourself until you understand that YOU DO!  Your amazing should never be hidden, never be doubted, and always be celebrated!

Be blessed my friends and Shine!!



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